I am not saying that the branding industry can clear up all the mess 
we have made. But I am saying that we can damn well contribute. 
The Big Shift to sustainable living is about changing minds.
And that is what we are trained in – isn’t it?


During 2017, I will dedicate my work to changing the ”World of Branding” for the sake of our planet. My aim is to alter some of the traditional laws of Branding – laws that  are seen as sacred by this billion-dollar industry.

As I see it – traditional branding assists us in destroying our planet at a heartbreaking pace. This does not need to be the case. Branding does not need to be an accelearator of the problem – it can be a part of the solution.

Do not imagine that I am talking only about reducing consumerism. What I am aiming for is a mindshift that is both wide and profoundly deep. I believe that a new kind of branding can help humanity to redefine the frames that she refers to as reality.

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Understand that this is an act of love towards the branding world. I have spent 15 years of my work as an artist on its stage. There is great potential here. Simon Sinek and many other thinkers and doers have done great work. Let´s take it one step futher. It´s not complicated. It is the small gestures of the many that have the biggest impact.