I Am Another You – klädskulpturer


Klädskulpturerna – ”I am another you”

In a world where the stranger has become an enemy, the art piece ”I Am Another You” whispers in your ear;

”Whoever you see
when you meet me,
whoever you meet
when you see me,
you will see and meet yourself.
I feel you in who I am
I am another you…”


Our differences and likenesses do not only make for a poetically pleasing image, they are also a key to healing the alarming global sufferings for both mankind and planet earth.

”- If we are going to embrace global challenges
we need to work across borders. This is an
absolute necessity. We need to reach out across
borders of nations, organisations and cultures. It is
imperative to break down the borders surrounding
our hearts and minds. And to be able to do that,
we need to hold on to two truths at the same
time; – Yes, we are so different
– and yes, we are so alike.
Knowing we are different – we need to show
respect, be curious and learn from each other.
Knowing we are alike – we can celebrate our
common grounds, so we can work together, for
the sake of this planet that belongs to all of us.”

/Linda K Nordfors,

The art piece ”I am Another You” was on display at The National Museum of Science and Technology (TNMST) in Stockholm, Sweden. There it played an important part in creating the inspirational environment in The Future Lab within the museum. ”I Am Another You” is together with other art pieces in the room created by the art agency Reflection Company and artist Linda K Nordfors. The “Future Lab” is a product of a successful collaboration between TNMST, the packaging company BillerudKorsnäs and Reflection Company. The project
focused on STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering,Art and Mathematics – an internationally recognized concept which emphasizes the effect this combination has for learning and stimulating innovation. Reflection Company adds the letter A to this particular mix.

”We believe that an important message is
strengthened, not clouded, by a beautiful
package. Art should not merely be decorative,
although it might very well wow us, it should make
us see the world in new ways. To us ”I Am
Another You” has all those qualities and the
message is very close to our heart in more ways
than one”.
/Johan Dyrendahl, Director Communication,


Tekniska museet och förpackningsindustrins BillerudKorsnäs
Konstproduktion: Reflection Company
Huvudkonstnär och konstnärlig ledare: Linda K Nordfors
Projektkoordinator: Jessica Wiklund

Assisterande konstnär: Terese Silverberg

Photographer: Morgan Norman / Rockson
Photo assistent: Kiia Valavaara
Make up: Astrid Eriksson / Agent Bauer
Models: Mia Illorah and Hjalte Prag / Le Management

Speciellt tack till:
Henrik Essen, Johan Dyrendahl och övriga deltagare från BillerudKorsnäs.

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