Maybe the book will start like this;

Posted on 16 december, 2016

In a contemporary world that searches for new economic systems, True Branding is an appeal for a new way of branding. The time has come to rephrase the traditional laws of branding and to re-invent branding to a 4.0* level and use it as a tool for sustainable development. We need to reconsider the ultimate intention with branding and to extend the understanding of the influence branding has upon the human mind, her emotions and her decisions.

This book is a love letter to branding – and it is a blistering criticism of a billion-industry whose biggest contribution is that it speeds up the un-sustainable living that is already taking place at a heartbreaking pace.

I believe that branding can be a key contributor in this big shift that we need to take. It is possible to upgrade branding from being part of the problem so that it becomes part of the solution. Staying with the traditional principles of branding  – or leaving them – is not a question of being right of wrong. It is a question of what kind of state we want to leave our planet in. We can continue to co-create a destination no one really wants, or we can take a step in another direction, we can shift to True Branding.

*Branding 4.0 is a reference to the 4.0 economic theories